Monday, October 15, 2012

Rojadirecta - Football for Connoisseurs

Rojadirecta - Football is a beautiful and unpredictable game. Some say that there is a hidden logic in soccer, trying to explain the game with difficult schemes and tactics. The coaches talk, organize and motivate, but the players` imagination win the matches and praises. There are championships that never go out of style. They are modern with the old-fashioned in a good manner football. A football that is closer to the past, a past full of excitement and dreams. Spain is the origin of the modern football gladiators, the last warriors for beautiful and attractive soccer.
The Spanish League has started already and there are few things that are notable for the fans. This year the contenders for the first places are more than two. Of course, Barcelona and Real Madrid get the biggest attention, but the way other teams play let the analysts talk of a new era in the Spanish football. We got used to the biggest transfers executed by Barcelona and Real Madrid in the past decades. Due to the big money invested in the both teams they became the best clubs not only in Europe, but in the world. Nowadays, teams like Atletico Madrid, Malaga and Valencia are looking forward with a lot of hopes for the upcoming season. The owners of Malaga made it possible for the small club to enter the group phase of the Champions League. Valencia fought hard in the previous seasons to win the bronze medals in the Spanish League for consecutive three seasons. The club managed to win a place in the Champions League, dealing with the immense debt from the previous years. Atletico Madrid looks comfortable as one of the best teams not only in Spain, winning the Europe Super Cup. They got stronger year by year, just to explode in the very begging of this season.
The Spanish football is fans that live the game. The Spanish football is a return to the romantic roots of the football.

Rojadirecta - Once Upon a Time in England

We live in a time when the sport is more than a part of the people`s lives - Rojadirecta. Sport is a reason for pride and identification. Sport is business and politics. Football as the most beloved sport in the world is not different from the other disciplines. Some say that football is an extreme sport, because of the feelings of extreme love or hate towards the teams. But football is also a sport for gentlemen, as it is in England.
The new season of the Premiership has started. The teams have their ups and downs, but as neutral fans we like the suspense of the game, called soccer. Football is at its best in England. There is no other place like the Albion, where an average team could win against the big favorites. There are people that might not know that the FA Cup tournament is the oldest in the world. In England every team plays with devotion from the first to the last minute. People on the stadiums want show and the modern time gladiators give them first class spectacles.
English Premier League is considered as the most difficult championship in the world. Some of the overseas players that have been part of the English teams departed the misty Albion, because of the way the football is played. The teams in the first English divisions play fast and attacking football during the whole 90 minutes period of the matches. The English players are the most devoted players, known for their pride and self-confidence. To be part of any English team is not only matter of money; it is step forward towards perfectionism and devotion.
We are the lucky ones to witness the uprising of the English football. We will live to tell about great battles and heroes.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rojadirecta - England and city of Manchester has a new `dream team`. It has become a factor in the domestic football for a really short time. The recipe is money, money and more money. Manchester City won the Premier League catching the last minute train to ensure a place in the English football history. The team was sold to an Arab consortium few years ago, making the club one of the richest in the world. The Arab owners want nothing more than titles and wins. The first step has been made- winning the strongest national league, the English Premiership - Rojadirecta. From now on the followers of Manchester City will want more wins, especially on the European level. The team from Manchester has sacrificed the whole European campaign last year due to the Premiership title race. The team has the financial freedom and the quality of players to achieve something more than a good performance in the upcoming season. The Italian manager of the team has declared that his team will fight for a double in the 2012/2013th season- a Premiership title and European cup. The money has become the matter in nowadays football history. But despite the fact that many teams were bought by wealthy companies, they failed to achieve something big. Examples, such as the football clubs of Malaga and Zenith, show that sometimes money is not all. Manchester City has the ability to create something special this season. A repeat of last season`s success will prove that the club has a strong team, ready for the challenge called Premier League - Rojadirecta. Last year Manchester City outscored the domestic rivals of United, showing confidence and readiness to win something bigger than praise. This year the opponents will be more careful playing against the English Champions. Time will show if the team is not a shooting star, but the players have shown a strength enough for the upcoming big clashes.